Ottawa Custom Furniture Refinishing

Ottawa Custom Furniture Refinishing

Furniture ain’t cheap! Even those Swedish guys are raising their prices for low-quality particle board pieces. What’s a girl to do?! 

Imagine if you could look at that dated, perfect-sized, high-quality and functional piece of yours with newfound love and appreciation?

In Ottawa, we’re lucky to have many options for custom furniture refinishing. Depending on the piece of furniture and the type of refinishing you’re after, here are some options to help you refinish your quality wood furniture in and around Ottawa. 

  1. Preloved 2 Beloved (Ready-to-Buy and Custom Furniture Refinishing)

Do you have a China Cabinet, Bookcase, Credenza, Dresser, Wardrobe, Side Table or Feature Piece made of high-quality wood furniture that needs to be refinished with a modern touch?

This local Ottawa eco-brand is shaking things up with modern and bold furniture refinishing designs. Before you discard a quality crafted solid wood piece for a more modern one, talk to Jen and Jon at Preloved 2 Beloved about your vision. 

Furniture Refinishing Workshop. Jon, middle aged white man working on custom painted dresser. Jen middle aged white woman in background putting finishing touches on another piece.

They’ll refinish your own high-quality wood furniture or source the perfect piece for you and then customize it to match your vision. 

Jen and Jon have worked on hundreds of refinished furniture pieces using only professional products like cabinet-grade paint and techniques that achieve a high-quality and long-lasting smooth finish.

All this while keeping more furniture out of landfills and giving back to their community. Check out their custom furniture redesign and refinishing process here.


Refinished solid wood dresser from original stain to bold turqouise, coral and white


Vintage solid wood dresser refinished from original orange-tint stain to beautiful emerald green finish

Vintage wood dresser refinishing from original stain to modern white and wood finish

Do you have a vision for the perfect custom redesign and refinish?
Talk to Jen and Jon! 



  1. Furniture Medic

From leather repairs, frame repairs, cabinet refinishing, antique restorations and much more, the team at Furniture Medic can handle a wide range of furniture refinishing to help bring sentimental pieces back to life.



  1. Henderson Furniture Restoration 

This skilled team of craftsmen located in the Ottawa Valley specializes in upholstery and restoration, restoring couches and chairs and more.

  1. Don Upholstery Ltd.

This upholsterer restores and updates armchairs, chairs, sofas, benches and bedding items, Don meticulously upholsters your piece by hand, ensuring your furniture looks as good as it did, the day you bought it and continues to last for years to come. Check out Don’s work- it’s impeccable


Why is furniture refinishing so important?

Custom furniture refinishing allows us to keep more furniture out of Ottawa landfills and breathe bold new life into every piece to help it fit into your home and capture your unique style. 

We’re kind of obsessed with this!

Stop by our Ottawa Furniture Refinishing Workshop and say Hi

Preloved 2 Beloved Furniture
370 Montfort St, Ottawa, ON K1L 5N1


Jen and Jon

Jen and John of Preloved 2 Beloved Furniture Ottawa sitting by a robin blue refinished dresser

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