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Preloved 2 Beloved Furniture Redesigns

Pina. Plant stand/Shelf

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Our pieces are painted with Benjamin Moore's Cabinet paint for a smooth factory-like finish.

Delivery within Ottawa is always included.

Dimensions: 56.27.16

*Wear, knotches and dents can be noticable on this piece

All our pieces are redesigns of recycled quality solidly made vintage furniture.

We sand, refinish and bring our items to an *almost new* condition but there can be small imperfections, dents etc - like us all! 

If there is anything notable, we will fully disclose this to you. We are always available post-purchase to help with any issues. We stand by what we put into your beautiful homes.

We try to keep original hardware and upcycle it, but sometimes it just needs to be replaced with a contemporary option. If you want to discuss changing what we have choosen, please email 

Thank you for choosing our eco-concious furniture.

Jen& Jon